Things To Consider to Choose Interior Contractor Services

posted on October 26, 2018

Things To Consider to Choose Interior Contractor Services

Have you own a house, an office building, or your own business space? Your property should have a well-designed and efficient interior. On way to achieve that is by having the expertise from an interior design and interior contractor. As a design consultant and contractor, High Street Studio will share some things that you should consider when you want to use the kind of services!

Know the Company

Before you hire a consultant, you should know the company first. Ask for their portfolio that will showcase a range of projects that they handled, how long is their existence, and find out the people who run the company. You also could do a research through the company’s website and social media to find out more about the company. You should also have no doubt to contact the company to get as much information as you could.

Determine the Scope of Works

It is more ideal and effective if you hire a design consultant who provides all-in-one services that could help you in building the property. In other words, one company can serve both in the construction work and design consultant. It is important to ensure all design and construction work can be in harmony and mutually sustainable. Also as a client, you don't have to bother coordinating with two different consultants.

Timeline and Scheme

As a client, you must ask the consultant and/or contractor to provide the working timeline and scheme in the project that will be carried out. Normally, the project will be done all at once or a wholesale system, therefore knowing the timeline prior to start the project is a mandatory for a client. The timeline also could be a reference for the running project as it is expected to be finished on time. In the beginning of the construction phase, the client should be able to periodically check the progress on the field to prevent the occurrence of additional time and cost.

Appropriate Budget

Budget for the project is another important thing to be considered by a client. A good contractor and/or consultant should provide the details of the expense for the project implementation. It is best to ensure that you get things in details that should include the design consultation fee, the workers fee, the price of materials needed, and the price of the custom/finished furniture.

Provide Solutions

In the beginning of construction phase, it is very common to find the unexpected things that may not according to the plan. A good interior contractor and/or consultant will be able to communicate every obstacle on the project to their client transparently. Not only communicating the obstacle, but they should provide solutions to solve the problem.

As a design consultant and interior contractor service, High Street Studio not only serves clients in and around Jakarta, but our services reach further to other regions outside the city. High Street Studio is a design consultant and Interior Contractor Services with trustworthy reputation. Contact us and we will provide the design solution that you’ve dreamed of!

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