Transform the Living Room Into An Office Space Design During the Pandemic

posted on September 16, 2020

Transform the Living Room Into An Office Space Design During the Pandemic

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Don't you feel you have extra space in your home design for the home office? You can take advantage of the room. A little creativity and maybe a few tweaks to the interior design are all it takes to design more space. So, whether you want to try working at a small desk or a cosy workspace, the ideas below will help you prepare a very stylish interior design for your small home office.

Along with the re-enactment of Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besar (PSBB) which obliges all office activities to be carried out from home or work from home. You certainly want to feel comfortable at work, there are several things you need to prepare to design this atmosphere in your home. Besides you can choose an ergonomic office interior design and this design style can make your body feel less tired, there are several other things you need to prepare. Then, what are the steps for designing a comfortable office space in your home?

Sometimes, the best place to design your office design is in the living room. With more and more people needing to work from home in times of a pandemic like this, you can find many homeowners asking for consultations to design their home offices. But what about the person who doesn't have extra space in the house? You don't need another full room to have a workspace that makes you both productive and comfortable. Many people also choose to combine workspaces into their homes.

Change the Living Room Design Layout

Changing the layout of furniture in the living room to a small size can create the space you need for a home office. To create a comfortable workspace, you can place the table directly in front of the window. In applying this method, you can create a square area in the middle of the room that will make the room feel open and spacious, instead of being cramped and crowded.

Standing or Sitting Workstation Design

Sitting all day is not good for your health, so you can choose a desk that can solve your problem. Choosing to use wood and a bracket that is designed to have a bottom shelf bracket can turn an untouched wall into a tall design table with a circular rod that surrounds it that you can stand on. When it's time, you can sit back at the table.

Set Up a Table Behind the Sofa

If you have a house design with an open floor concept combined with a good area that can be pushed to one side, try placing a table behind the sofa. Apart from that, you can also add a swivel chair and table lamp. That way you will have a combined workspace placed in your family room or living room without looking or feeling the space out of place.

Take advantage of an Unused Corner in the Living room

Unused corner area in your living room. Easily transform the corner into the ideal place to place your mini office while working from home. After that, you can mix and match the table with the appropriate chairs, and even combine it with hanging plants or some artwork. You are sure to get a simple arrangement that will look attractive in your living room by taking up a little space overall from the living room.

Consider a Mini Work Desk for Office Design

Sometimes you just need a small area dedicated to working in your home. In addition to designing the workspace as a whole, you might consider combining a table with a small round design to an unused corner in the living room where you can plug in your laptop or check documents. This is a great choice for your living room. You can start working while your children can play near you or you can use it as a designated homework area.

Create an Open Office Space Design

If you have a large living room, you can make space for the office in your home by placing your desk and leaving it in front of the wall of your room. This can be a stylish way to create a formal workspace, even if you don't have the extra space in your living room. To make it seem more attractive, you can add a small carpet to help you separate the office area from your other living room.

Maximize Forgotten Space in the Home

Try to design your office space in a forgotten space in your home, such as the room next to the sofa or even the bottom of your stairs. The area is often a forgotten corner in the house. Areas that are often not used by you can be a great spot for your workspace into the room.

Make the Office Design Fit Your Layout Needs

For those of you who live in an apartment, you often have to maximize the size of the space in the apartment. You can incorporate the office into your main seating area by pulling the table right next to your sofa to create a more lively workspace. This method also allows your table to double as a side table. One multifunctional furniture will help you. Any other interesting tips? Instead of choosing a bookshelf, you can choose a shelf that can be mounted on the wall to become a storage area while saving space in the house.

Design Desk in the Living Room

Set up several tables along the walls of your living room to create a workstation that can be used by two or more people in your family. If you are with children, this can be a suitable area for the children to do their homework and does not take up too much space. Consider choosing chairs and tables that fit well in your workspace so that it can give the look and feel of an attractive and comfortable home office.

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Those are some ideas that you can apply when you want to design your office space during this second PSBB. If you need professional help, we as an interior design service can help you create a comfortable office space in your home.

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