What the Future of Office Design Could Look Like After Pandemic

posted on June 5, 2020

What the Future of Office Design Could Look Like After Pandemic

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A situation like now, the existence of a pandemic to change the habits and lifestyles of people in various sectors, one of which is the office. At present, the rules of working from home are being relaxed. The future of the office in the post-pandemic era you need to pay attention to. Moreover, for those of you who have plans to reactivate employees working in the office. You need to make the office a safe place to work for your employees. Changes need to be made when employees are active in the office to reduce the potential for transmission of COVID-19 in the office area. Inevitably, the pandemic made offices begin to rethink the design of their office space. Are you wondering, what is the right office design to deal with post-pandemic? You still need your employees to work in the office if you are ready to adapt to the design of your office space. Regarding office design, many assume office design will return to the design of the past, where the application of cubicles on each work desk. Will the future design of the office be like that? To deal with the changing situation in the post-pandemic era, various creative solutions have been initiated for the design of future offices that can make every employee feel comfortable and secure. However, if you want to change the design of your office, you should think about changes in the long run, so that your office can adapt to changes like this. The most common changes made to office space design are the Six Feet Office. The concept of room design changes affects the corridor of the office space that will be designed to look wider. Not only applied to the room alone, but changes in office design also change the use of furniture. As you know, this pandemic makes everyone, including you, must be ready to adapt and change from day to day, week to week, to a month to month to adjust to the new normal situation. Before you choose to adapt your office design, you should first know the reference office design adaptation steps that you can apply.

Office Design More Space, Fewer Desks

The first design concept for a workspace that you can refer to is increasing distance between work desks. This design concept prioritizes implementing less use of work desks in certain areas. However, you need to pay attention again whether the application of the design concept is right for your office or not. Designing office space design that can truly maximize its function you should pay attention. In addition to implementing an office design that has more space and fewer desks, in the future, your employees are required to be able to keep office equipment and desks clean. You can put hand sanitizer in every office space. In addition to hand sanitizers, another way you can apply is to use a paper mat. Later, it could be that your employees are asked to pick up a table mat and discard it immediately after they finish work. Applying this method in the office area can reduce the spread of COVID-19, especially on the surface of office equipment that you use frequently.

Changes in the Design of the Seating Area

Changing the design of the seating area for your office properly needs to be considered. If you choose to adopt the seating area, you need to pay attention to the effectiveness of these changes for your employees. Your office can arrange zig-zag seating in an open work area. This is a logical solution and is starting to be widely applied in some offices who want to need employees to work in an office as usual. By implementing design changes to the employee's seating area, it allows for greater social distance between employees. A flexible office is urgently needed to adapt to changes in a pandemic like this.

Application of the Social Distance Sign in Every Room

Now, surely you often see red marks or stripes that appear in stations, shops, restaurants and banks to help you maintain appropriate social distances. In the office area, in addition to implementing precautions through the cleanliness and safety of your employees, you can also adapt your office space by making a social distance sign in each room in your office area.

Use of One-Way Roads in Office Areas

In addition to paying attention to the desk and seating in your office, you can create a one-way circulation path. The purpose of applying such an office design concept is to prevent potentially infectious collisions, especially if the area of the office is a path that is often travelled by your employees. These signs can be like markers. So, your office design will also be fulfilled by markers. Markings that are applied to your office such as road markings, symbols in your office are applied to ensure there is no direct interaction between employees. One change in the office design concept will make your employees always go clockwise. This design concept is useful for creating a directional path so that the office area can minimize transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Application of Touchless Design in Office Spaces

During the pandemic, there were major changes in the cleanliness and behaviour of people which could affect the intensity between employees. Anti-infectious designs can be reapplied to your work desk or use a Plexi screen that can protect your employees while working in the office. In addition to the Plexi screen, you can use touchless or touchless technology for doors, elevators and coffee makers. The application of touchless technology in office design will help you to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 deployments on furniture and other office equipment.

Interior Design Services Designing Office that Can Adapt

In some of this boasting, people are already accustomed to working from home, all office activities can be done using Zoom, Skype, and other meeting platforms. Unconsciously, you also quickly adapt your professional life as an employee and your personal life during a pandemic like this. And you are accustomed to spending more time at home. But you need to know, office life cannot end. Especially when the new normal is imposed, you have to get used to working from the office. With a greater focus on health, hygiene, and safety, you might see a future workplace developing and making you more comfortable.

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